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    Experience the Pro-Managed Difference!

    Your home is the most important place you spend your time. It’s where you relax, raise your family, spend time with friends and where you can truly be yourself. You deserve a home that you can be proud of and feel comfortable in and that’s exactly what you get when you rent a Pro-Managed home. We own all of our homes, so your home is our home too! We take great pride in offering safe, clean and stress-free rentals for you to call home.

    In a Pro-Managed home, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re under the care of an experienced, reliable, and trustworthy team that puts you before all else. You can take comfort in knowing that no matter what you need, you’ll receive a response from us in one hour or less. Have a maintenance issue? No problem! Our highly skilled maintenance team will be at your door to help within 24 hours.

    Long story short, we want you to be happy in your home. Our personal service, quick response times, online payment portal, routine inspections and maintenance, pet-friendliness, and multi-year lease options with annual property upgrades will have you well on your way to true happiness.

  • Bill Smith, Founder and CEO

    Bill Smith has been involved in every aspect of the real-estate spectrum, developing, buying, selling and managing. His real-estate track record is multifaceted, to say the least. Bill's Motto: "Treat the tenant like you would want to be treated."

    Email: promanagedinc@gmail.com | Tel: 866-620-0506

  • John Volpe, Co-Founder & President

    John has accumulated a tremendous amount of experience maintaining high rise luxury apartments on down to single dwelling units. His knowledge of construction and HVAC procedures makes or leadership team that much more robust. 

    Email: promanagedinc@gmail.com | Tel: 866-620-0506

  • Kerri Smith, Sales Manager - Southern Region

    Kerri loves the real-estate industry, she has sold it all, from single home properties to luxury condos. Kerri brings to the team a sense of urgency and the passion for making prospective tenants happy.

    Email: promanagedinc@gmail.com | Tel: 866-620-0506